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Geraldine Noel, or "Gez", is a 'relationship coach and psychotherapist and helps countless women nationally and internationally break free from the cycle of emotional distress as a result of Divorce, Separation, or Long-term Breakup. 

At a tender age in 1998, Geraldine began working with young people and families in conflict, providing intervention, restoration and healing. In 2003 she entered the educational sector, bringing value, knowledge, and experience to children, schools, and families. In 2008, she added Coaching and Training to her portfolio.


Gifted in many ways and known as a 'convergent thinker' and 'troubleshooter,' Geraldine is a licensed Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Life Coach, Certified Strategy Trainer, Nutritionist, Assessor, Author, and Motivational International Speaker. She helps women from brokenness to success by redefining their purpose in life.

Geraldine specialises in issues such as emotional distress & mood, anger, brokenness, emptiness, isolation, loneliness, divorce & separation, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, life purpose, business, careers and life coaching, suicidal ideation, relationship conflict, OCD, PTSD, self-harm, trauma, and women's issues.

Geraldine provides the tools needed to redefine your purpose through coaching and training, so you can create the space necessary for the positive critical shifts that make every day better than the last. Geraldine guarantees a lasting impression with a unique approach to every audience, exceptional guidance, and contagious enthusiasm.

My message to you!

You are a diamond waiting to be rediscovered by walking in authority, and live a fulfilled and purposeful life!


Let me help you rediscover your vision for a mission, and experience the power of a breakthrough.


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Born out of a tumultuous relationship Geraldine Noel founded The Savvy Woman CFE (Created for Excellence) in 2016.

After years of psychotherapy with many women who were going through cycles of distress because of infidelity, betrayal, hurt, pain, and shame, she quickly realised that women were alone in their struggles and needed support and guidance. As a woman who had walked this road before, she knew that something needed to be done to help them.

With a vision for a mission and armed for the battle for broken women, she began to dedicate her life to helping provide holistic healing and restoration to women who had and still are suffering from a breakup.

Geraldine says that as a Christian Woman, "my life took on new meaning and purpose" when women's lives began to change through her therapy, coaching, and training. She continues, "I saw women struggling and broken, which broke my heart, and I would not allow them to walk this road alone. I knew if I was healed and changed, they too can be healed, transformed, and attain success - for their lives will change!".

Geraldine continues with her 'unashamed reclaimed' movement and is enriched with lifelong experiences and lessons from which she wants you to draw. She continues to transform lives and redefines their purpose through an array of incredible and proven counselling, coaching, workshops, training, and public speaking events.


Created specifically for women who are divorced, separated, or suffering from a long-term breakup at the beginning, middle, or end of their journey. Geraldine has her 'BY FAITH' Bootcamp, Believe Counselling Therapy, Financial Coaching,  Women of Excellence Academy, and more.

Geraldine says, “women must be transformed and move from brokenness to success.”


​Get ready to live your best life!

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Tired of not making progress in YOUR life?

Ready to conquer EVERYTHING in your way?

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