Emotional & Mental Well-being
in Education 

The Savvy Woman CFE is here to guide students through life’s most complex and challenging matters of emotional & mental health. As a psychotherapist, psychologist and educator she genuinely cares about students’ well-being and guarantees top of the line counselling and psychological services catered to their needs.  She has provided a number of specialised therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. Geraldine says "students' well-being is her number one priority in education mental health and well-being" and goes above and beyond to help them through all their obstacles. 

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

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Emotional, Mental & Physical Wellbeing

For over 20 years The Savvy Woman CFE has supported students' emotional and mental well-being in education both nationally and internationally. Working in Children, Schools and Families, Youth Services and PRUs she works closely with them to achieve measurable results and continually helps them break the cycle of negative emotions using The Paradigm of Emotional Change Model So that while studying they can maintain healthy, safe, enjoyable and fulfilling lives to make positive contributions and achieve economic well-being

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Mental Health Educator

With a dedication to sharing knowledge, The Savvy Woman CFE has educated and inspired countless students inside and outside the classroom. We put students and young people at the centre of what we do – helping them make positive choices and in doing so,  transform their lives.  We are here to help them understand what is holding them back from growing and how they can improve their lives and relationship with others. We listen to their needs of them by creating an atmosphere of unique experiences through the services we provide so that they can achieve excellence and success

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